Put on your headphones... It's PigPen in 3D!

Now we know what you're thinking... What next guys? PigPen in IMAX? PigPen on ice? PigPen does Vegas? A PigPen themed mini-golf course? No. None of those things are next. Those things are all ridiculous. Don't start any rumors. But this 3D sound thing is awesome.
You see while we were up at Dreamland Recording Studios making the new album, we invited our friends at Hooke Audio to record one of our favorite unreleased tracks, "Shailene", with their incredible binaural microphone. Just use any pair of ordinary headphones to hear the extraordinary effect.

Hooke is designing a mobile headset that will allow anyone with a smart phone to make their very own videos that sound just like this one. We think that's pretty darn cool and are proud to be the first band they're collaborating with.

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Love always,