Audiotree Session OUT NOW!

Featuring two brand new songs "Weathervane" and "Mayfly"!

Our national tour is coming to an end tonight in Ann Arbor with a sold out show at The Ark. We couldn't be more with filled joy. Meeting you all out on the road and sharing our music has been a totally unforgettable experience. 
Thank you.

For those of you that couldn't make it or would like to share with friends that weren't there, enjoy this live concert delivered to your inbox - produced by the wonderful folks at Audiotree. We play favorites "Crow", "Sailor", "Song from the Stone", and "Bremen", but we also wanted to introduce two new songs that have made their way into our live set and will surely be on the next album, "Mayfly" and "Weathervane".

You guys are the best. Thanks again.

With all the love,