The verdict is in.


"[PigPen] asks us to appreciate the finer arts of wild storytelling, while speaking to the childish mind in all of us."
-The New York Times

"I'm crazy about PigPen and soon you will be too. They're a great rock band that also happens to put on delightful theatrical shows. Or they're a great theatrical troupe that also happens to release terrific albums. Take your pick."
-The Huffington Post

"A perfect booking for next year's Newport Folk Festival."

"Storytellers who have some skin in the game. Your attention, I guarantee, will not wander for a moment."

- Chicago Tribune

"Manages to breathe fresh air into the otherwise oversaturated Americana genre... harmonizing that reaches dazzling heights... the group has ample storytelling prowess."

"Their versatility is delightful to watch. Their hard work seems effortless."
-The New York Times

"It’s like watching child geniuses at play."
-The New Yorker

"Something like a Redmoon or Building Stage spectacle multiplied by a Decemberists concert... It's tough to shake the notion that you're in at the launch stage of a group that could soon escape orbit."
-Time Out Chicago

"An all-ages journey into the frontiers of undiluted imagination."
-New York Magazine

"'The Old Man and The Old Moon' is a fable about opportunities lost and regained, and about how the force of memory pulls at us like a lunar tide. But in the hands of the PigPen troupe ... it is also about the experience of making theater itself."
-Boston Globe

"They shoot for the moon and reach it."
-Time Out New York

"The great power of simple storytelling."
-The New York Times

"This new play with music is a triumph in collaborative storytelling."

"PigPen Theatre Co. is already a phenomenon."
-Boston Herald

"Don't be fooled. Despite their youth, these guys are masterful musicians and theater performers"
-Time Out New York

"When you are as talented as the PigPen ensemble, making something from nothing comes easy."
-The Boston Globe

"Reminiscent of the harmonic folk heavyweights such as Fleet Foxes and Crosby Stills and Nash… Viva PHX was PigPen's Phoenix debut, and they killed it, stuffed it, and hung it above the mantelpiece to remember them by."
-Phoenix New Times

"All seven are singing their hearts out, sometimes all at once in perfect unison, and other times with gorgeous harmonies… The longstanding camaraderie between the members is palpable… There's too much talent there to keep these guys on the underground for much longer."